location Address: 172 Cascaparo Street Cusco, Peru

phone Phone: + 51 84 225420

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“Not great sorroundings”

“Not great sorroundings”

The truth is that is not far from the main plaza and is located across the street from a big mercado, but….as soon as you step out of the hotel, it smells really bad since during the day there is a street market in the sidewalks with a lot of produce and the hygiene is not good at all. The first day I was amused by the market, the next days we needed to hold our breath until we got far from the market. The hotel doesn’t have an elevator. The staff is very strange. I speak Spanish and I felt like they didn’t understand me. They looked at me in a very strange way. The hotel seemed to be ran by two or three ladies. The breakfast wasn’t great. They only had eggs, old bread, butter and coffee. It was so cold inside the hotel, that the breakfast was always cold where it got to us. They washed my clothing and I have to say, that I was better off washing them with regular soap in the room….The food at the restaurant is really bad. The room was very strange. It was huge, it had two double beds that were not too comfortable. The hotel is ok for what we needed, but I did leave with a bad taste in my mouth from Cusco, since it was way too dirty and smelly outside the hotel.

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