location Address: 172 Cascaparo Street Cusco, Peru

phone Phone: + 51 84 225420

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Located in downtown within the historic center perimeter at San Pedro neighborhood, just 4 blocks from the main square (Plaza de Armas), half block from the old train station to Machupicchu (now just for train ticket sales) and in front of the main typical Central Market of San Pedro.

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Transport tips:

As Cusco is a small city, the public transportation services are not well developed as a world class city. There are two only ways to get moved into Cusco city: The COMBIS and TAXIES.

COMBIS: are small buses or vans that covers all the public transport routes. NOT RECOMMENDED because are too small to get in with backpacks, are slow and are usually NOT SAFE because of pickpockets.

TAXI: the taxi service is very cheap in Cusco, across downtown the ride average rate is s/ 5.00 (US$ 2.00). The average ride from airport to downtown is s/ 20.00 (US$ 7.00):
We RECOMMEND to use the taxies that are just leaving passengers on the left side of the airport (check in flights side), these taxies have fair rates than the others.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND to take the taxi fleet (black or gray cups) that are located in front of the airport´s doors, just when you leave the airport building, these are too expensive ( from us$ 20.00 and much more). Usually this taxi drivers offer to visitors tourist services (package tours, tickets, hotels) with any guarantee because they don´t have government permissions therefore not possible to claim if some problem occur.

Reference distances:

  • Airport to Hotel: 12 – 15 minutes by taxi.
  • Terminal Terrestre (Bus station) to Hotel: 10 – 12 minutes by taxi.
  • Airport to Plaza de Armas (Main Square): 12 – 15 minutes by taxi.
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